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1 of 20. Who knows about the things you worry about?
2 of 20. You're falling in love with someone, you learn more about them by?
3 of 20. You're invited to a costume party, you dress up as?
4 of 20. Getting ready in the morning is tough because?
5 of 20. You're 35 and single, how do you feel?
6 of 20. Have you ever sneaked a peak at your Christmas presents?
7 of 20. Are you good looking?
8 of 20. You make plans with a friend and they cancel, what do you do?
9 of 20. What happens if you miss a regular work out at the gym?
10 of 20. The most important news coverage in the last 10 years has been?
11 of 20. You've had a long day and get home and someone has called you, the first thing you do is?
12 of 20. If you knew you would die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?
13 of 20. Your friend tells you they decided to get married, how do you feel?
14 of 20. When your friends say Jessica Simpson's partying ended her marriage to Nick what do you do?
15 of 20. Is there someone you think about all the time?
16 of 20. What are your reasons to get married?
17 of 20. On your drivers license how do you look?
18 of 20. Do you write stupid little poems, quotes, and sayings because you can't help thinking about someone you're attracted to?
19 of 20. What do you think about the most?
20 of 20. Do you think you're obsessed?