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Practical Stuff

Welcome to the Mobile Stories toolkit, these resources are designed to help you make your short mobile film.

Mobile Stories provides these legal agreements for your reference only. The agreements are designed to provide preliminary information for research, education and entertainment related purposes. Please be advised that they are not intended to constitute and do not constitute legal advice, and should you use them in whole or in part, you hereby release and indemnify Mobile Stories, its parent company, subsidiaries, shareholders, directors, officers and employees from any and all liability, costs, expenses or claims relating to or arising from such use, whether directly or indirectly. Due to unique individual legal needs, you should consult your own lawyer to determine the appropriateness of the information and applicable agreement(s) for your specific situation and to assist you in making any decisions regarding agreements or contracts.

royalty free music

It doesn't matter how short your film is - or whether it plays on a cellphone or in a movie theatre - you cannot use, borrow, or steal other people's music. If you cannot pay to clear or license the music for your short film, check out sources on the Internet for 'free' or cleared music. If you do not clear your music, you will not be able to sell your film to third parties like broadcasters or even screen it at many festivals. So, what's the point?


finance tools

  • Budget
    This table is to help you sort out your budget and stay on track with your finances.

production tools

  • Call Sheet
    Use this sheet to organize your shooting schedule so that all projects may be finished at the desired due date.
  • Equipment Rental
    Use this document when borrowing or renting equipment from a person or company if an agreement is not provided.

releases & agreements

  • Actor Release
    Please use this release to ensure all the talent showcased in your clip have given you consent to distribute the clip.
  • Rights Clearance
    Use this chart to organize who/what you have been given releases for and when they expire (if necessary)
  • Deal Memorandum: Company
    Please use this form to state the sum of money (if any) a company will be paid for their work on your short film.
  • Deal Memorandum: Individual
    Please use this form to state the sum of money (if any) an individual will be paid for their work on your short film.
  • Contractor Service Agreement
    Please use this form agree with individuals hired as crew the sum of money they will be paid (if any) for their work on your short film.
  • Footage Release
    Please use this form to ensure any footage that is not original of the owner of the clip is cleared for your rights to use and distribute.
  • Location Release
    Please use this form to ensure you have the rights to film on any location in which you do not own.

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